Consider the following example.

Asset: A Sewage Lift Station Pump

Energy Usage: Uses a large amount of energy, representing 20% of the total energy usage for the utility. It is causing difficulties for the utility in terms of meeting its goal of 10% overall energy reduction. The pump is 15 years old and there are more efficient pumps available.

Energy Use Rating: 4

Feasibility: The reduction in energy use will offset the cost of the new pump in 6 years. The new pump will be easy to operate by the existing operator. There are funds available that include a grant portion to do this project.

Feasibility Rating: 4

As can be seen on the table, the total energy risk or criticality is 16. That number means that the project is a critical project to consider because it will reduce energy use, save money, and it is feasible. A copy of the table is included in Appendix C.

The Energy Use Ranking and the Feasibility of Addressing Energy Use of an asset can be plotted onto a quad chart along with other assets to show the relative merits of addressing the energy issues with each asset. A quad chart for this example is shown below.