As another example, look at the following scenario.

Asset: Chlorine pump
Utility uses hypochlorite so liquid chlorine solution is pumped into the utility for disinfection. Utility has both spare parts and a spare pump. Chlorine pump has failed due to many factors several times in the past 10 years. Chlorine is checked once per week.

Probability of failure: 4 - because pump has failed many times

Consequence of failure: 4 - because a failure in a chlorine pump has the potential to be a major consequence. The consequence is mitigated by the presence of a spare pump and spare parts. However, because the pump may fail for a significant period of time before the failure is known (up to 1 week because the levels are only checked once per week), the consequence is not substantially reduced by the spare parts and pump.

Using the chart, move across the row for 4, until the column for 4 is reached. The number in the box is 16. Therefore, 16 is the criticality factor for this asset. (See the table below.)