3.10 Work Order Systems

A major function of a water or wastewater utility is to assign operators operation and maintenance tasks and repair orders. A system that describes these tasks is called a work order system. If this type of system is computerized it is called a computerized maintenance management system or CMMS. A work order system - computerized or otherwise - can be a valuable tool for a water or wastewater utility. Very small utilities may find it difficult to manage a computerized system or may not see sufficient benefit to doing so. For all others, a computerized work order system may be highly beneficial in scheduling work, tracking costs, ensuring maintenance is performed on schedule, and determining what parts were used during the repairs.






A work order system can be tied to an Asset Management inventory program so that the information put onto the work order comes from the asset inventory and so that following the completion of the work order, the information from the repair goes back into the asset inventory. These systems can be relatively simple or highly complex. Costs of these types of programs also vary widely. If a utility is considering purchasing an asset inventory software, some consideration should also be given as to whether the utility wishes to buy software that integrates a work order system with the asset inventory.

I am linking it to the asset that it relates to.
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