An example of a potential numbering scheme is shown below. Additional examples are contained in Appendix A.

Example 1:
A = Water (W) or Wastewater (WW)
BCD = facility name (i.e., abbreviation for pump station, well house, treatment building)
EFG = Equipment name (i.e., abbreviation for name of equipment)
1 = Equipment number (i.e., number for that particular piece of equipment)

For Example:
WMPSPMP1 = Water System Main Street Pump Station Pump 1

W = Water System
MPS = Main Street Pump Station
PMP = Pump
1 = Number 1 Pump

Any numbering system that provides location and equipment identification and that is unique for each asset can work. The system chosen should be one that best fits the particular utility. It is worthwhile to examine approaches used by other utilities in selecting a numbering scheme, but the system must be modified to suit the individual needs of the utility.

Once asset IDs are established, ID tags can be placed on visible equipment (pumps, valves, hydrants, blowers, etc.) The tags should be durable and attached in a semi-permanent way. If tags become warn or knocked off the equipment, they should be replaced.