Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning: A Handbook for Small Water Systems - STEP Guide Series (September 2003, 30 pages)
This guide was designed to assist systems understand the concept of strategic planning. An overview of the planning process and how it will help you build capacity and respond to unexpected problems; worksheets to use in developing your strategic plan. EPA 816-R-03-015, It can be downloaded from the following site:

Tabletop Exercise Tool for Water Systems: Emergency Preparedness, Response, and Climate Resiliency (2010)
This CD-ROM based tool (TTX Tool) developed by US EPA is designed to provide utilities with the necessary resources to plan, conduct, and evaluate tabletop exercise to practice emergency response plans and procedures. It expands on the capabilities of the first version of the tool, published in 2005. The updated TTX Tool contains fifteen scenarios and each scenario has a fully-customizable Situation Manual, Additional Discussion Questions, and PowerPoint presentation. Users can modify these materials, allowing them to conduct a tabletop exercise to meet their specific needs. The fact sheet can be downloaded at:
The TTX Tool can be ordered by emailing and requesting EPA-817-C-10-001 or by downloading at: