Rate-Setting and Financing

Setting Small Drinking Water System Rates for a Sustainable Future - STEP Guide Series (January 2006, 62 pages)
This guide provides information on the importance of recovering costs through user fees and developing a budget and financial plan. (EPA 816-R-05-006) It can be downloaded from the following site:

Show-Me Ratemaker
These water and sewer rate analysis programs were originally created for the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and they are now available by calling the National Drinking Water Clearinghouse at 1-800-624-8301 and requesting Product Number DWCDMG57, the Environmental Management Suite CD.

A Guidebook of Financial Tools: Paying for Environmental Systems (August 2008)
The guide examines a wide range of different tools that can help make environmental protection initiatives more sustainable . Produced by the Environmental Financial Advisory Board and the Environmental Finance Center Network, it is available in PDF format at: