Gallup, New Mexico

The White Cliffs Mutual Domestic Water Consumers Association is a public water system that serves 53 customers. The system has made great strides in improving water quality, saving energy and decreasing water loss from leaks.

White Cliffs MDWCA
PO Box 1518
Gallup, New Mexico 87305
Mike Daly, President
(505) 870-3430

Johnson County, Kansas

Johnson County Wastewater serves over 500,000 customers and currently operates seven treatment plants. The goal of their Asset Management program, which was initiated through their Strategic Business Plan, is to balance cost, risk and levels of service.

They have implemented a formal level of service tracking process to determine whether they are meeting their LOS goals.

Johnson County Kansas Wastewater
11811 S. Sunset Dr, Ste. 2500
Olathe, KS 66061