Columbus, Ohio

The City of Columbus is the 15th largest city in the US. The City provides water service and wastewater collection and treatment for the City residents and several additional communities. They have had a strong employee education and training program in Asset Management and have taken a comprehensive approach to planning and implementation. They have seen benefits in all areas, but particularly in capital planning where their business case evaluation has saved a considerable amount of money.

Department of Public Utilities
City of Columbus
910 Dublin Road, Suite 4180
Columbus, Ohio 43215

Kevin Campanella, P.E., Assistant Director - Asset Management
(614) 645-7117

Dover, New Hampshire

The City of Dover provides water and wastewater service to approximately 30,000 residents. Their first Asset Management inventory was done using a golf course management program adapted for water utility use. They have since moved into more sophisticated software.

Community Services Division
City of Dover
288 Central Avenue
Dover, NM 03820-4169

Bill Boulanger, Superintendent Public Works and Utilities
(603) 516-6459