Water Loss Control – Training


The Southwest Environmental Finance Center has contracted with the
US Environmental Protection Agency and various state agencies to
provide water loss training and assistance based on the AWWA M36
Water Auditing and Loss Control Methodology at no cost to small water systems.

This training is critical for any water system that:

  • Is now or will be seeking funding for water projects from the State
  • Is now or will be seeking an increase in water supply from the State
  • Is seeking to improve revenues and efficiency in your system
  • Is seeking to cost-effectively increase water supplies

Training will help you:

  • develop short and long term goals for your water loss control program
  • marshal resources and information to launch and sustain a water loss control and accountability program
  • create a road map to control apparent losses in metering and billing operations to recover missed revenue
  • gather evaluate and validate your data
  • and much, much more.

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