Water Loss Control – Overview

Public water systems have been effectively providing safe, clean drinking water for customers in the United States for almost two centuries. And while public education and conservation efforts around the country have resulted in steady declines in consumer water usage, population growth, aging infrastructure, dwindling water supplies, multi-year droughts, and ever tightening regulatory requirements have all impacted utilities ability to continue to provide water in an efficient, and cost effective manner. Further, all systems have to deal with leaks, broken or inaccurate meters, accounting issues, and outright water theft.

Billions of gallons of water are lost from US drinking water systems every day. Lost water is lost revenue. But, if system management doesn’t know how and why it is losing water and revenue, it cannot make effective management decisions for the benefit of its business and customers. Thus, a major goal of any water system should be the accountable and efficient management of its water supplies using a water loss control program.

The first step in establishing an effective water loss control program is performing a water audit, and we can help with free training and assistance on the industry standard AWWA M36 Water Auditing and Loss Control Methodology.

Effective decisions require accurate data. A significant component of the water loss Water Audit Software is focused data gathering, assessment, management and grading. Systems new to the Water Loss Audit methodology rarely have all of the data they need at the start. But that is not a problem! A water audit is not a one time affair – it’s a holistic, best management practices approach covering all of a system’s processes from source water pumping and treatment, to maintenance and billing procedures. Incorporating the Water Loss Audit methodology into your system’s ongoing business management practices will enable you to analyze the data you have, and develop a plan for gathering and maintaining the data you need to accurately categorize your inputs, outputs and losses.

We are here to help with training and technical assistance. We have also gathered resources and tools here on our site to help you develop your water loss control program.

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