Tribal Drinking Water – Training Descriptions

Training Approach

The SW EFC provides training on a variety of water system related topics. Training may be conducted one-on-one or in a group setting. A typical training includes a mix of PowerPoint presentations, demonstrations, hands-on activities, educational games and field exercises when appropriate. All classes are approved for Continuing Education Units (CEUs) both with the State and EPA Region 6 drinking water operator certification programs, as appropriate, and are designed to increase Tribal operator competency, as well as to increase the number of certified operators.

Trainings Offered

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Basic Math & Water Math: When it comes to math, that old saying is true. You either use it or you lose it. That’s why it’s so important to practice, practice, practice! This half-day to full day training is tailored to the needs of each individual participant and can include breakout sessions for those interested in a more thorough basic math review and those interested in doing math associated with treatment processes and other more complex operations.
Chlorine Disinfection Workshop: This day long workshop provides both managers and operators with a better understanding of chlorine disinfection and disinfection system operations and maintenance (O & M) practices. Topics include: chlorine disinfection basics, chlorine safety, daily O & M practices, chlorine residual monitoring and disinfection math. In addition, chlorine disinfection is discussed as it relates to the Safe Drinking Water Act, sanitary surveys, and operator certification. The training includes hands-on activities with chlorine test kits and chemical feed pumps to enable water system personnel in becoming more comfortable with monitoring and controlling the disinfection process.
Distribution and Equipment O & M: This day long workshop assists operators with understanding basic O & M practices related to distribution systems. Topics include: storage tank components and inspections, piping installation and repairs, flushing, line disinfection, cross connection control, valves and hydrants, preventative maintenance schedules, and the benefits of distribution system mapping.
How to Comply with the Revised Total Coliform Rule:
This full day workshop is intended to provide a better understanding of the requirements of the Revised Total Coliform Rule (TCR) and to assist in achieving compliance. Topics include: TCR vs RTCR basics, monitoring requirements, MCL violations, sampling plans, sampling procedures, troubleshooting Coliform problems and Level 1 & 2 Assessments. The training incorporates several hands-on activities to reinforce the specifics of the rule.
Protecting Your Drinking Water Using the Multiple Barrier Approach:
The SW EFC developed this training to teach Tribal operators and managers how to evaluate their water system/s using the multiple barrier approach (MBA). Topics include all 8 elements of a sanitary survey, but focus primarily on the source, treatment and distribution barriers and how they can work together to provide protective barriers against waterborne disease. The intent of the training is to demonstrate why particular items noted in a sanitary survey may be a concern, help participants hone their skills in being able to identify potential deficiencies at their own water system/s and determine appropriate corrective action for deficiencies found. The training is conducted at a Tribal water system over a period of two days. The first day is spent in the classroom where lectures, pictures, and videos teach participants about what may constitute a deficiency and how to identify them. The morning of the second day is spent identify potential deficiencies at actual water systems facilities while the afternoon is spent creating a corrective action plan to address the deficiencies found.
SDWA Regulations:
This one or two day training is designed to assist managers and operators in understanding and complying with the Safe Drinking Water Act. Topics include: Revised Total Coliform Rule, Chemical and Radionuclides Rules, Surface Water Treatment Rules, Disinfection Byproducts Rules, Ground Water Rule, Lead & Copper Rule, Public Notification Rule, and Consumer Confidence Reports. The training provides an overview of each rule, along with specifics on rule requirements. This training is updated as EPA promulgates new rules.
Understanding Compliance Monitoring:
This one day workshop is designed to assist those managers and operators responsible for collecting SDWA Chem/Rad and DBP compliance samples at Tribal public water systems. Topics include: Understanding and updating EPA’s PWS Information Fact Sheet, descriptions of each SDWA contaminant group, and using the EPA Sampling Schedule to maintain compliance with the SDWA. In addition, procedures for collecting compliance samples, and laboratory specific procedures for submitting compliance samples are discussed and demonstrated.
Water Operator Certification Review:
This half-day to full day training is designed for operators of Tribal public water systems in preparing for all
levels of the Operator Certification Test. Topics include: drinking water regulations, equipment O & M, disinfection, water quality basics, and basic water math. In addition, study skills and test taking skills are reviewed.
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