Source Water Protection – IQ


A Source Water Protection IQ Test is presented here in order to help you review the concepts of the various core components of source water protection.

In this test, clicking on a choice will automatically enter the number of points for that option and keep track of the score for each section of the Source Water Protection IQ as well as the total cumulative score. If a new answer is selected, the new choice and the new points will appear and the old points will be removed.

The Source Water Protection IQ Test will take you from considerations of your vision for source water protection to characterization of areas of concern and evaluation of the data available. It then guides you to consider your goals for source water protection and evaluates your action plan for implementing your goals. Finally, it asks you to consider stakeholder input and your process for continued evaluation and review of your plan. Taking the test in this order before starting a source water protection plan should help you in considering the steps needed to initiate and fully implement a plan.

As the utility progresses, the Source Water Protection IQ can be repeated and the scores compared to previous scores. Repeating it periodically can point out gaps in your information or weaknesses in your process and help you to focus your efforts efficiently. At a minimum, you may wish to repeat the test every year.

Start the Source Water IQ HERE

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