The name Southwest Environmental Finance Center can sometimes appear a little confusing and may cause someone to believe we have funding to give to utilities or communities. Unfortunately, the SW EFC does not have any funding programs in which we can provide money directly to a community for any purpose. We can often provide our services to communities for free, however. So if you have a need for technical assistance please contact us and describe your situation and we can see if we are able to help. In addition, there are many state and federal funding sources for environmental infrastructure and projects. We suggest you look through those to see which one(s) may be most appropriate for your situation. A link to all funding sources across the U.S. for water and wastewater infrastructure projects can be found at EFCNetwork.org

The SW EFC has been administering the EPA Region 6 Tribal Operator Certification Program for over 15 years. Recently, we have been assisting EPA Headquarters with Tribal Operator Certification in other EPA Regions. However, we do NOT have the ability to certify operators who do not work for a tribal water system. Each state has its own operator certification program and we suggest you contact your state’s program if you are not a tribal water system operator.

The SW EFC, while focused on the southwestern part of the U.S., does business all over the country. We have provided training at one time or another in the majority of states and have completed several projects working for state governments outside of EPA Region 6. We are not restricted in any way geographically so if you have a project you think we could help on, please contact us.

There are many different opportunities for working with the SW EFC. If you are a small drinking water system (serving less than 10,000 in population), we may be able to assist you, at no cost, under an existing agreement we have with EPA. If you are a system in New Mexico (drinking water or wastewater), we may be able to assist you through an agreement we have with NMED. If you are a different type of entity, please contact us as we are able to work with private entities, state governments, federal entities, local governments, tribal governments, and many others through different types of vehicles, such as memorandum of understanding, joint powers agreement, contracts, grants, and cooperative agreements.

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