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Nevada | Controlling Costs for Small Water Systems

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Aug/30/2017 - Aug/31/2017
9:00 am - 4:00 pm


CEUs: This workshop will be submitted to NDEP for CEU approval

Two strategies that can help water utilities control costs or increase revenues are water system collaboration and water loss control. Both of these strategies will be explored in this workshop through a variety of approaches including presentations, discussion, and workshops. Tools, techniques, and free resources will be discussed.

Strategy 1: System Collaboration
Small systems face a variety of issues and concerns related to increasingly strict regulatory compliance, aging infrastructure, affordability, lack of economy of scale (it costs more to serve small communities than large ones on a per capita basis), decreasing population base, and many others. One strategy that can help small communities meet these challenges more economically is collaborating with other utilities. Learn more about formal and informal collaboration approaches including: sharing operators or bookkeepers, forming buying consortiums to purchase chemicals or equipment, sharing a water source, developing emergency interconnects, or forming a group to share information.

Strategy 2: Water Loss Control
Managing non-revenue water (also thought of as water loss control) is an approach water utilities can use to more efficiently and effectively provide water to their customers. Controlling non-revenue water can increase utility revenues and decrease costs over time. It also has the added benefits of decreasing energy use, improving water quality, and mitigating the impacts of drought. Participants will learn how to perform a water audit (using AWWA’s Free Water Audit Software) and learn how to interpret the results.

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Cost: FREE. Please register to reserve your spot.

Trainer: Heather Himmelberger, Director, Southwest Environmental Finance Center

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