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Intermediate Asset Management

Event Details

9:00 am - 4:30 pm

Santa Fe Community College, Health Sciences Building, Room 487
6401 Richards Ave
Santa Fe,New Mexico, 87508


I Know the Beginnings of Asset Management: What Do I Do Next?

Have you attended a beginning asset management training in the past? Have you read about asset management? Do you know the basics but not what to do next?  If so, this workshop is especially for you.  We will examine the next steps you can take in your asset management journey.

The workshop will cover next steps in each of the 5 areas, including:

  • Techniques to asset inventories and build maps. We will show examples of systems who have used various techniques to generate system inventories and maps, and share tools you can use to plan inventorying and mapping activities.
  • Setting and measuring level of service goals. We will talk about goals and how to set and measure them.
  • Using data to generate probability of failure, such as pipe break data, which is the first part of criticality. We will share examples of systems who have collected this data and how it can be used. We will also discuss how to add consequences to the analysis.
  • Developing a simple Capital Improvement Plan from existing data.
  • Developing an asset valuation for the system.

This training is designed to be an opportunity for water utilities to understand the next steps to go beyond the basics of asset management to start achieving benefits with asset management. This training will be a combination of presentations, in-class workshops, and discussion.

While all attendees are welcome, this particular workshop is especially relevant for trainees who have some understanding of the basics of asset management.  We will try to move beyond the basics into next steps.


Bookings are closed for this event.

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