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Advanced Water Loss Auditing

Event Details

9:00 am - 4:30 pm

NMED Field Office, Gila Conference Room
2301 Entrada del Sol
Las Cruces,New Mexico, 88001


The initial water loss training discussed how to collect data for a water audit and how to enter that data into a water loss audit spreadsheet.  This is the first step in addressing non-revenue water.  The next step involves looking at the validity of the results and implementing activities to address non-revenue water.  This workshop will focus on four categories of activities to address non-revenue water as follows:

  • Reviewing the data validity and determining priority actions to improve data validity
  • Discussing actions to address unbilled, authorized uses
    • Includes a review of metering of these uses
    • Measurement of the value and volumes of uses
    • Discussion of “Should any of these uses be billed?”
  • Discussing actions to address apparent losses
    • Actions related to theft deterrence
    • Actions related to customer meters
    • Actions related to data handling errors
  • Discussing actions to address real losses
    • Gathering break data
    • Leak detection
    • Fixing leaks faster
    • Pressure management
    • Asset management

The water loss control toolbox will be presented and the discussions will include the fact that a multi-pronged approach will be required to address non-revenue water effectively.  This workshop is meant to be a companion training to the earlier water audit training


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