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Toxic Water – Our Responsibility


Toxic Water – Our Responsibility

*Written by Heather Himmelberger. 

“4 million Americans could be drinking toxic water and would never know” headlined USA Today on December 15th, 2016.  There is no question that lead in drinking water is a major concern and that making drinking water safe for everyone should be a paramount concern.  Much of the blame for the “toxic water” was laid at the doorstep of EPA and state regulators.  What the article fails to point out is that we – all of us – are complicit in the problem.

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Have you seen the electric bill?

The Importance of Understanding the Water Energy Nexus

For many water systems, the electric (or energy) bill is one of the largest expenses regularly incurred by the water utility.  It is also one of the most controllable expenses a water utility will have.  However, water utility managers oftentimes never see the bill.  Understanding your utility’s energy expenses is one of the first steps to controlling and likely reducing your energy expenses.

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