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Water Utility Mapping Academy


Water Utility Mapping Academy

*Written by Teresa Gomez. 

This past spring the SWEFC organized a pilot initiative designed to encourage undergraduate students at the University of New Mexico to explore careers in the water industry. The collaborative initiative with STEM University led to the six week long Water Utility Mapping Academy. Over the course of the Academy, Teresa Gomez, James Markham and Mark Ogrentz introduced students to water system components and taught them the basics of GIS data collection and mapping. The EFC’s goal was to sufficiently prepare students so that they could create water utility maps for small water systems around New Mexico over the course of the summer.

Below is a summary of the curriculum and activities our students completed over the course of the Academy.

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Educating school-aged children about the water industry

Earlier this year, the curriculum director at a local elementary school, asked me if I would be willing to discuss water treatment with the third graders at her school. She said that they were learning about water treatment in their science class and they were excited to meet someone who works with water.

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