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Becoming a Water Utility Operator: Test-taking Strategies


Becoming a Water Utility Operator: Test-taking Strategies

*Written by Matt Ziegler

Are you interested in where our drinking water comes from, or how our cities and towns handle all of the wastewater that is generated by our modern society? Do you care about the health of your community and its future? Are you looking for a career that pays well with the potential for growth? If so, then a career as a water utility operator might be just what you are looking for.

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Electronic Preventive Maintenance Logs

*Written by Dawn Nall

Although it has been proven that customers are willing to pay for increased service when they desire it, decision-makers, who operate under the common belief that customers want water to be cheap, look for places where budgets can be cut. Oftentimes, the first line item to be cut is maintenance: a decision which focuses only on immediate cost reductions but ignores the long-term costs. In reality, cutting the maintenance budget is the more expensive option because you end up replacing equipment sooner and in an unplanned manner. Oftentimes this unplanned maintenance and replacement (otherwise called reactive maintenance) makes your job much harder and much costlier. So how does maintenance help?

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