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  • Level of Service: Guidelies, Categories, and Example Goals | download
  • Level of Service: Goal Measurement | download
  • Criticality of Assets | download
  • Reference Guide for Asset Management Inventory and Risk Analysis | download
  • Introduction to Asset Management and Asset Management Resources | download
  • Asset Management: The Five Core Components | download
  • O&M Management Guide – DRAFT, Available for pilot
    (Note: This is a zip file and must be extrated prior to opening) | download

Inventory Database

  • Inventory Database (Note: This is a zip file and must be extrated prior to opening) | download
  • Instruction for using Asset Inventory Database | download

Asset Valuation Tool

This asset valuation tool was designed to provide water utilities with an estimate of what it would cost the utility to replace all of the assets today. Having an idea of the overall value of the utility can help guide decisions about how much to invest in maintenance, how much to save for the future and other financial and non-financial decisions. This tool provides the utility with an estimate that is meant to be used when looking at the big picture. It is not specific enough to use for planning replacement or construction budgets. In order to use the tool, input the estimated quantity for each asset owned and the outputs include low, high and median estimates based on the costs found from the information listed on the sources tab.Download the Asset Valuation Tool

  • Note:
  • This file is compressed and must be extracted prior to opening.


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